High Pressure Water Jet Hose Attachment XKdHxX

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Effortlessly wash away built up dirt, grime and mold from the outside of your home with this power jet washer hose attachment wand. Easily compatible with any standard garden hose, it generates a powerful stream that is great for cleaning bricks, concrete, wood, windows and even cars, campers and boats. Simply attach the wand to the end of your garden hose, and adjust the nozzles to produce either a fan spray or high pressure stream. It's available in 46cm or 76cm long. SPECIFICATIONS: * Hose Power Jet Washer Wand Attachment * Compatible with all standard garden hoses * Two nozzles: Jet & fan spray * Materials: Alloy (body), Copper (nozzle head), TPR (handle) * Removes built-up dirt, mold, grime from concrete, bricks, driveways, wood, windows and more * Suitable for use on cars, trucks, caravans and boats * LENGTH OPTIONS: * 46cm * 76cm * PACKAGE CONTENTS: * 1x High Pressure Wand Attachment (46cm or 76cm long) NOTE: Estimated Delivery Time Frame is 10-15 business days (2 to 3 weeks) as the item will be shipped from our international warehouse.