Konstsmide 3167-343 Holiday lights (motif) Pearlescent pigment pellets Inside battery-powered No. of bulbs 20 LED (monochrome) cmClRK

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Guests can enjoy a breathtaking decoration highlight. Like small pieces of jewelry, the high-quality, delicate perlmutblattchen worked in the dark, and conjure up the viewer a radiation in the eyes and a smile on his lips. Whether on the festive covered table, a glass bowl or in a container processed, this decorative light chain of konstsmide will get it noticed and, thanks to battery operation can be used flexibly. The company konstsmide is for over 40 years in the production of high-quality light decorations for indoor and outdoor use specialized and since 1999 the decisive impulse generator for environmentally friendly, long-lasting and reliable LED solutions.This text is machine translated.